When making an avatar, you must think what you want.  Do you want to have a picture that represents you (below), or do you want to post your real picture.  Posting an image of yourself can be very dangerous.  Exposing your face could end in stalking or conflict.  An avatar that only represents you can still look like you, but not have all of the dangers.  Also, sometimes they can be very interesting, which might actually make them even more likable.

New ImageChallenge #2

Why Come?

The Student Blogging Challenge has started back up again, and I am very excited about it because it will help me blog more often, and improve my blogging skills.  The first challenge was posted on Sunday.  It is to make a post on why you should come to my blog.  So. . .

Why come to my blog?  What is so interesting about it?  My blog is full of posts, and some of them are sure to spark an interest in you!  I post about what is going on in my life, and recent animations I have made.  I am constantly trying to improve my animations, and someday, there might even be short, little movies or even a few games!   By reading my blog, you can learn about using a few Adobe programs, like Flash (what I use to make most of my animations) or you could just learn about me and what I like to do for fun (besides blogging).  I also constantly post updates of my life.  Whether you are here to see my pretty pictures or learn about me, I hope you enjoy it and keep coming back.

Student Challenge #1

Juggling My Life

I know that I haven’t blogged in a long time, but I haven’t really had time.  I am trying very hard to try to keep up with myself.  Between school, after school activities, practicing trumpet, jazz band, and keeping up with my friends, I am busy as a bee.  Here is a  list of what has been going on since Christmas.

-2 of my friends moved  (1 is still in town, and 1 is in Colorado)

-I went to Disney World

-Gone to solo and ensemble

-My mom’s B-Day

-I went skiing

-Jazz band after school for 2 days a week

-Countless big tests and quizzes

-Boatloads of homework to make up from going to Disney

And much, much more!  I shall start up blogging a lot more again, and that is why I joined the student blogging challenge.  My first challenge has already been started.


P.S. I made that at six in the morning, so no complaints! (mostly directed towards Elliot)


Since yesterday was Christmas, I am very excited right now to get started with my presents and what not.  What I want to tell you, is that for Christmas, I got an action script book, which really should allow me to make bigger and better animations!  So, I have already started to read it, and I am also working on a project.  I should finish in about a week.

Doodle Block

As you have probably noticed from my lack of recent posts, I am having doodle block.  I have no clue what to draw, so I have decided to ask you guys.  If you want to, leave a comment of an idea that you would like me to doodle.  After a few ideas have been posted, I will choose my favorite and doodle it.  Good luck!